MonsterHeadz are pieces of generative monster art stored on the Cardano blockchain. MonsterHeadz consist of 10.000 individual and unique NFT’s. These NFT’s will be generated by a randomized script – after which they will be minted on the Cardano blockchain on launch.

Unique, 1/1 Generated

Every MonsterHead is a unique combination of traits with different rarities. Some will look spooky and clean, some will look silly, chaotic or nerdy, but no two will look the same.

169 traits in 11 categories

This will result into around 700 billion total variations.

Commercial use included

Owners of each MonsterHead have commercial usage rights to their NFTs. You’re free to use your artwork as you please.

Digitally Hand-Drawn

Every layer was hand designed by our professional artist. We aimed to create an avatar project with a different, spooky feel. Just in time for Halloween.

Fair Minting Price

MonsterHeadz are sold for an increasing price, of 35, 45 and 55 ADA.

Free mint comic

Each MonsterHead holder will have the opportunity to mint a free comic about the life of Dr. M.E. Golgotha. Date: TBA


Dr. M.E. Golgotha has always been a curious and eccentric man. The sole inheritor of the Golgotha family estate has spent his time collecting, researching, and studying the Dredge – a strange and mysterious plane where all sorts of horrifying monsters reside. He discovered that around the world were hidden portals where these monsters would sneak into our world and cause all sorts of trouble. The monsters seem to be immune to conventional means of elimination. In Dr. Golgotha’s journals, he has observed them survive stabbing, burning, mutilation, explosions, asphyxiation, poisoning, and all forms of fatal disposal. The only effective way of bringing them down is through decapitation. Their heads, however, are still alive and capable of performing functions that a decapitated head can’t. They still retain some semblance of their identity and are known to talk for hours if not stored properly. Dr. Golgotha has spent vast amounts of gold in hiring “Hunters” to locate, decapitate, and secure the heads to him for safe keeping.

Dr. Golgotha has playfully called them “MonsterHeadz”, true to his eccentric behavior. He has collected over 10,000 different MonsterHeadz in his secluded mansion. They are stored and preserved in glass jars to increase their shelf-life and remove the nauseating odor that MonsterHeadz produces.

One day, Dr. Golgotha disappeared without a trace. Some say he found a portal to the deep abyss, others say he was kidnapped by the Dark Ones, while some people say he finally retired on a tropical island somewhere. Whatever the case, his collection of 10,000 MonsterHeadz has disappeared from storage. Countless people have reported seeing them in the possessions of odd nobles, curious doctors, wealthy collectors, and all sorts of other people. These MonsterHeadz fetch a high price especially amongst the collectors. What people do with them… we’ll never know. But having your own talkative bodiless companion seems to gather plenty of attention – be it from good or bad folks around.

Free mint for all holders! TBA




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Comic Script Writer

Lilly Birilli

Comic Artist


Community Manager


You can use the following Cardano wallets:
Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami and AdaLite

Never send ADA from an exchange!

Launch of MonsterHeadz is planned on the 23rd of October 9PM CET (12PM PST)

1 – 3333 = 35 ADA
3334 – 6666 = 45 ADA
6667 – 10000 = 55 ADA

Minting will be made available through our official website www.monsterheadz.io. Please be aware that we will be releasing minimal details upfront this to prevent bots from minting the whole collection.

Slider92: Co-founder
Gabi2000: Co-founder
Zieg: Advisor
Greekfreak: Advisor
Stale: Developer
Palawan: Comic Script Writer

Lilly Birilli: Comic Artist

Btcking: Community Manager


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